Ceramic casino poker chips

Ceramic casino poker chips casino no deposit newest casino gfed

These chips are injection molded with three separate colors using a high quality clay composite material Check out our case set selection for gifting. These chips are injection molded with two separate colors

Bulk chips or in No setup fees or processing fees chip minimum order Delivered weeks after art work approval. These extremely popular cbips color 8 Gram Super Diamond Poker Chips are a quality mid-weight poker chip at an affordable price. This stand is quality made with crystal clear flame polished edges and chromed accent nuts. These chips are based on a fictional Egyptian Pharaoh Casino. This chip features three sets of double stripes on

Nevada Jack Casino Grade Ceramic gram Poker Chip – Pack of 50 25 $5 Scroll 10 Gram Ceramic Casino Quality Poker Chips. * Chip Minimum Order Ceramic Chip Specs: 39 mm diameter mm x mm for the edge Grams. Custom ceramic style poker chips are the ultimate. Ceramic poker chips are preferred by many casinos. Get a ceramic chip that lasts for generations.

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