Epiphone casino sound

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Jan 9, 7. I think with any hollow or semi-hollow bodied guitar, a lower pickup height yields a woodier sound.

I had a Dot at one time, so I'll chime in. I was pleasantly surprised at how great the pickups are. Try inverting the phase. Set amp with low gain to avoid compression and overdrive, which generally results in a muddy middle. You pretty epuphone have to wear headphones so epipnone ear does not confuse the acoustic sound of the strings with the recorded sound from the pickups. Bridge was so high it was unstable. Semi's and full hollowbody guitars, are much like acoustic

Tell me about the Epiphone Casino. What's characteristic for the tone of that guitar? Which one is the one to get, the Elitist or the Inpired By. The all-hollowbody Epiphone Casino can be heard on many of the biggest It was and is a great guitar for rock and roll with a different sound. Hi there, as the title suggests ive got an Epiphone Casino (Korean) which I'm struggling to get a good sound out of. It just sounds cheap and a  Epiphone Casino Elitist - Natural or Sunburst finish for.

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